GetRight® Pro Web Access!

Want to view or control GetRight Pro when you're away from your computer? GetRight Pro's Web Access will do it. You can view your download list, pausing and resuming items, and can even add new downloads. (Start that new game demo downloading to your home computer while you're at work...even view the progress as it's downloading.)

In order for you to be able to connect to your home computer from anywhere in the world, there are a couple things you may need.

Dynamic DNS
Your computers address (IP) can change, and it's not easy to remember a string of numbers like (which is your IP address).
A Dynamic DNS service lets you use a easy to remember name, like mike.DNS4me.com which will always be updated to point to your computer. Some friends I've made at the shareware conferences offer just the service: DNS4Me.

Port Forwarding
If you have a router or firewall, part of its job is to block incoming connections to protect you from hackers, worms, etc. Port Forwarding sets your router or firewall so it knows to allow some incoming connections so GetRight Pro's Web Access can get connections from the Internet.
GetRight will use the settings from the Downloads--BitTorrent--Network configuration page for doing Port Forwarding. More About Port Forwarding.