Upgrading to GetRight® Pro!

Upgrading the registration:
$49.95 $20.00! Special Offer!

Registered users of GetRight can upgrade to GetRight Pro for only $20.00 instead of the regular price of $49.95, you save $29.95 off the regular price!

There are a couple ways you can verify that you are a registered GetRight user and receive the discount:

  • After installing GetRight Pro on your computer that already had a registerd copy of GetRight, just click any of the "Upgrade" buttons or menus in GetRight Pro. That will show you the correct page with the discounted price.

  • Look up your GetRight code here. On the page that is shown when you find your order or email address, there will be a link to click to upgrade to GetRight Pro at the discounted upgrade price!

If you have not purchased GetRight already, you can purchase either GetRight or GetRight Pro

Upgrading the software:
Simply install GetRight Pro over your existing copy of GetRight to upgrade the software. Your settings, download list, etc. will transfer automatically.

It is NOT RECCOMENDED to install BOTH GetRight and GetRight Pro separately (in different directories) on the same computer.

The Future...
Both GetRight and GetRight Pro will exist together. Some features will be added to both, some new features will only be added to GetRight Pro.

If you have purchased GetRight, you will still be able to upgrade to future GetRight versions for free. But there is a upgrade fee if you wish to convert your registration to GetRight Pro.