GetRight® Pro Download and Upload Manager Screens

For downloading, GetRight Pro works exactly the same as GetRight. GetRight Pro shows the same windows and process when downloading.

View some screens for downloading in GetRight and GetRight Pro.

Uploading Files

Uploading is where things start to change. The windows for file uploads look very similar to the download windows, but the graphics and text are aligned on the right instead of the left. This makes it easy to tell at a glance if a file is uploading or downloading!

Upload manager screenshot.

Setting Up for Fast and Easy Uploading

Adding uploads is very easy. On the Server Synchronizer/Server Manager window (available in any of the Tools menus) you can setup an item with a server address, login, path, and a variety of other settings. These will let you automatically upload (or download) files that have changed using the "Sync" button on the window.

Also, if you drag-and-drop a file from Windows onto one of the items, the files will be added as uploads to that server!

Upload manager screenshot.

Unlike with other FTP download and upload managers, you don't have to connect to the server or open the Server Synchronizer/Server Manager window. Items you have added will also be shown on the Download/Upload Status, under the Uploads item in the tree on the left. If you drag-and-drop files from Windows onto any of those items, the files will be added as uploads to that server!

Another time saving feature, if you right click any of those, and pick the "Synchronize Now" menu item, that will find all the files that need to be uploaded. That's exactly how I update these GetRight webpages!

Upload manager screenshot.

You can even set it so that the GetRight drag-and-drop window will automatically upload any files you drop on it to one of your server items!

Upload manager screenshot.

Exclusive Smart Replace

Smart Uploading with Smart Replace.

Like us, you surely have some very important files, where you always want to have them available no matter what. For example, uploading getright_pro_setup.exe. I never want to have a problem with users like you downloading that file. Installers can be 5, 10 or even over 100 MB...that takes time to upload, even on a fast connection.

What about those people who happen to start the download while you're in the process of uploading? What if your connection is broken in the middle of the upload? You never want your users to download a corrupted or partial file!

GetRight Pro features Smart Replace to help. GetRight Pro will upload the file to a temporary name, then when the file is completely uploaded, it does some quick renaming so the old file is swapped with the new upload. The swapping means the file is replaced in second or less! It even keeps the old version around--many servers will continue to send it out for those people who had it partially finished getting the old when the new file was swapped!

Your users will never know the difference when downloading. You will never know the difference when uploading. Your files will always just be available, even when you're in the middle of uploading!

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