GetRight® Pro Features

We've saved up a bunch of cool features to make GetRight Pro an even more powerful download accelerator program than GetRight! Some of the biggest additions are Uploading and Scripting - and there are lots of other, extremely useful new abilities too. Of course, GetRight Pro also handles everything that the original GetRight does - including accelerated download speeds, BitTorrent downloads and more!

A comparison of features in GetRight and GetRight Pro!

FeatureGetRight ProGetRight
Downloading FilesYesYes
Dial/Hang up ModemYesYes
History of your DownloadsYesYes
Uploading FilesYesno
History of your UploadsYesno
File Synchronizing (Up & Down)Yesno
Browse FTP/Web ServersYesYes
More commands in GetRight Browser
Upload/Rename/Delete files, Upload/Rename/Create/Delete folders
Scripting Language
add uploads and downloads, dial your modem, etc. Allows scripting of all major features in GetRight Pro
"Client/Server" mode
have one computer on your network do all downloads
Global Speed Limit Controls for Total Speed of All FilesYesYes
Speed Limit Controls for Individual FilesYesno
Use Scripts to Set the Speed Limit
create any sort of fancy Limit schedules you desire
Automatic MD5 file verification when download is doneYesno
Act as a Proxy Server
let programs that auto-update or download data (such as virus scanner updates) take advantage of GetRight's resuming, dialing, etc.*
BitTorrent Downloads
download files using the BitTorrent protocol.
Web Access
control GetRight running on your computer from anywhere

GetRight Pro
GetRight Pro

GetRight and GetRight Pro in the Future

The Future...both GetRight and GetRight Pro will exist together. Some features will be added to both, some new features will only be added to GetRight Pro.

If you have purchased GetRight, you will still be able to upgrade to future GetRight versions for free. But there is a upgrade fee if you wish to convert your registration to GetRight Pro.

And More Information...

Info on changes/fixes between the GetRight Pro versions...

* The other program will also need to use either the http or ftp protocols for downloading their updates. Most will do this.